Our mission, at its core, is to help you fulfill your vision.

We do that by freeing your time and your mind, so you can build your business and make your vision a reality. If you’re a start-up or other organization without the funding to hire full-time personnel, The Provision Team can provide the support you need to get up to speed. Here are just some of the results we’ve produced so far:

Helped Direct exchange giant DirectTrust membership growth almost 400% in one year
Managed projects and grant admin for Southeast Texas Health System as it created an HIE designed for the rural marketplace
Directed full operational support for a global non-profit open source health IT company, supporting nearly 100 members in 8 countries
Provided project management services to an organization that created the nation’s first open source interface library
Launched a higher education company that is transforming two men’s vocational colleges in Saudi Arabia; helping the company grow from 1 to 40 employees within 6 months
Provided full, outsourced HR support for over 250 employees

And The Provision Team can help produce results for your organization as well.

Meet the Provision Team

Ginna Yost

Ginna Yost


Virginia “Ginna” Yost founded Provision in 2010, with an eye to meeting the developmental and operational needs of small profit and nonprofit firms and projects that are poorly served by existing business incubators. (Everyone wants to host the next Google or Facebook, but who wants to incubate a nonprofit trade association or a new collaboration among existing hospitals?) Ginna has worked in, and excelled at, almost every aspect of organizational development and operations over the course of her career: from recruiting and staffing, to administration and finance, to project management, to business-process and IT consulting. She has managed multi-national projects and helped missile systems move cross-country; she has nurtured health exchanges, trust networks, and trade groups, all with exceptional success. Her recruiting skills have come in particularly handy in pulling together an extraordinary–and eclectic–group of talented professionals to support her in making Provision a success.

Kelly Gwynn

Kelly Gwynn

VP of Operations

Kelly Gwynn learned her member services skills in a rather unusual way for a nonprofit incubator: she comes to us from award-winning stints as a probation officer (she was Probation Officer of the Year in 2008 and 2010 with Georgia Department of Corrections) and as Chief Investigator for the Union County (GA) District Attorney’s Office. Not your typical incubator career-path, perhaps, but Kelly’s combination of extraordinary attention to detail and powerful analytical skills have made her beloved by our clients and their members. Nobody’s better at running down recalcitrant problems quickly and getting our clients’ focus back on the right track!  Kelly’s a graduate of UGA with a B.A. in Criminal Justice.

Two major challenges any organization faces are growing and then managing that growth. We grew exponentially – nearly 400% membership growth in only one year. The Provision Team gave us the resources we needed to ramp up seamlessly, yet without the cost and risk of adding full-time employees.

David Kibbe, MD

Principal, The Kibbe Group LLC

Provision has supported Inpriva for over 3 years in operational, administrative and project management capacities. In many cases now, their flexibility and responsiveness have allowed us to react quickly and take advantage of emerging business opportunities.
Don Jorgenson

CEO, Inpriva

Designing a health information exchange (HIE) is a complex process. You’d think the fact that it’s for a rural area would make it less so. It isn’t. However, over the past three years, The Provision Team has given us the project management and grant administration support we needed to make sure we stayed on track and had the funding we needed.
Shannon Calhoun

Executive Director, Southeast Texas Health System

In four years of working with the Provision Team, there has been nothing we have asked of them that they have not been able to handle. They are agile, self-starting, and a joy to work with.
Christopher Mackie

CEO, CollaborationSource

Services We Provide


  • Agenda preparation and distribution
  •  Meeting facilitation
  •  Clean up meeting minutes
  •  Post minutes/recording on website
  •  Perform any necessary follow up
  •  Access to GoToMeeting and Box.com


  •  Task tracking and management for Executive
  •  Morning calls to level-set the day, review calendar / tasks
  •  Join calls with Executive to take notes / track action items
  •  Manage calendar
  •  Review emails for tasks and action items


  • All Meeting Support services, plus:
  •  Basic bookkeeping, Quickbooks support,
  •  Board Meeting agenda and slide development,
  •  Point person for generic email accounts
  •  Create/order business cards, letterhead, etc.
  •  Manage calendars, including scheduling calls
  •  Plan and organize face-to-face meetings


  • Develop and maintain organization website
  • CRM system creation and integration for member support
  • Event Calendar integration
  • Access our web portal, where you can: 
  • Schedule a meeting to request admin/project management support
  •  Select the duration of the call
  •  Request an audio recording of the meeting
  •  Request specific staff support for the call
  •  Download previous meeting recordings
  •  Download meeting minutes and action items


  • Track and manage timelines, deliverables, resources, etc.
  •  Establish priorities and expected outcomes of work
  •  Team organization and communication
  •  Schedule recurring calls/meetings/video conferences
  •  Develop agendas
  •  Document and distribute meeting minutes
  •  Track action items, hold members accountable
  •  Serve as liaison between all stakeholders


  • Design, create and deliver sales and marketing collateral
  • Develop sales presentations
  • Provide reports based on marketing trends, competition, new products and pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn’t I just use a temp agency?
Among many reasons, four stand out: Focus, Education, Expertise and Passion. If those kind of things are important to you, of course!


With a temp agency, you’re limited to whoever is available that day and you’re stuck re-explaining the tasks to multiple people throughout the week – for however many weeks your project lasts.

The Provision Team gives you the same outstanding person who is not only dedicated to your project, but has been guided by our Project Manager who also supervises their progress and ensures deliverables are met on time, further freeing your time and energy.


Everyone on The Provision Team has a college degree – including an Ivy Leaguer! – and some even have Masters degrees. That pedigree is fortified with …


We never take on a client unless we have an expert that can produce outstanding results in the specific challenge at hand. Whether you need project management, grant administration, marketing, technology architecture, HR support or any of our other services, we have a seasoned pro on hand ready to perform.


Simply put, we love what we do! And when you become a client, your mission becomes our mission. We align our priorities with your goals and do whatever it takes to make them a reality.

Try finding that in a temp pool.

What are the benefits of using Provision’s services versus hiring an employee?
There’s a saying in HR: Management would be so much easier if it weren’t for all the employees.

Hiring an employee is a lengthy process and can be a costly, risky long-term venture – especially if you’re a start-up or non-profit. Not only are there legal and compliance issues at stake, but you only have so much time in a day, how much of it do you want to spend dealing with people problems?

The Provision Team takes on all those tasks for you. Yes, we can help you hire when you’re ready, but until you are, you get to utilize a subject expert without any of the hassles of managing them.

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